You have to be a little bit picky before you choose a cell phone tracker, especially if you have a goal to get full information out of cell phone including cell conversations or environmental sounds.
To get the information which you want is crucial at this point, 
so first thing first: check if the cell phone tracker has this features or not. Most of the recent cell phone trackers has call listening, call recording and environment listening ability.

Second and again very importand point is your cell phone model: if you have one of the latest cell phones so you don't have to worry about this step to much, because almost all latest cell phones in coverage of this trackers. But if your cell phone is older than six or seven years then you should check if your cell phone is on supported list or not.
( If your target cell phone is an iphone, then you have to jailbreak it in order to install cell phone tracker software )

The third important point is internet connection; target cell phone must have internet connection because all information including cell phone conversations, recorded calls or any others will be delivered to you via the internet.

And the last check point is: check if they provide you online demo or not if so go to demo page and see all features. Most of the companies has online demo page but not all of them.

Considering these properties before purchasing a monitoring software will be to your benefit to, so please check the most powerfull and popular cell phone monitoring softwares from the list we provide below