• Listen to their phone calls
    Listen to your partners phone calls as they happen. You specify which numbers you’re suspicious about and when a call (incoming / outgoing) occurs you’re notified by SMS. Simply dial your partners number and you’re silently connected. No-one will know.
  • Bug their room
    Turn their phone’s microphone on secretly to listen in to what’s going on in the room around their cellphone. Are they really alone at 2am? What are they saying about you to their friends and family?
  • Track their location
    Are they where they say they are? Now you can go where they go - track them on an interactive Google-style map based on their GPS location. Log into your web account and see where they are, and where they’ve been.
  • View their text messages
    Who are they always texting, who's texts do they always delete, now you can see ALL incoming and outgoing texts from your partners phone, even if they delete them. Log into your web account and see if they’re just flirting or having an affair.
  • Who are their friends ?
    Who are they calling and texting the most this month, has it changed since last month? These can be indicators of cheating. Now you can look through their address book and find out who they’re friends with, and more importantly; who they’ve added.
  • Read their email
    Does your partner use their phone for work? Or simply for e-mail. Now you can read all their e-mail at your leisure from your secure web account.
  • View their habits
    We have the features you need to better understand your partners habits; call logs, call duration, device changes, SIM alert notifications. Everything you need to catch them cheating.
  • Read Instant Messages
    On certain cell phones, you will be able to read their instant messages. These include Whats App and Blackberry IM. Contact LIVE CHAT for specific details.