• Listen to their phone calls
    Listen to your partners phone calls as they happen. You specify which numbers you’re suspicious about and when a call (incoming / outgoing) occurs you’re notified by SMS. Simply dial your partners number and you’re silently connected. No-one will know.
  • Bug their room
    Turn their phone’s microphone on secretly to listen in to what’s going on in the room around their cellphone. Are they really alone at 2am? What are they saying about you to their friends and family?
  • Track their location
    Are they where they say they are? Now you can go where they go - track them on an interactive Google-style map based on their GPS location. Log into your web account and see where they are, and where they’ve been.
  • View their text messages
    Who are they always texting, who's texts do they always delete, now you can see ALL incoming and outgoing texts from your partners phone, even if they delete them. Log into your web account and see if they’re just flirting or having an affair.
  • Who are their friends ?
    Who are they calling and texting the most this month, has it changed since last month? These can be indicators of cheating. Now you can look through their address book and find out who they’re friends with, and more importantly; who they’ve added.
  • Read their email
    Does your partner use their phone for work? Or simply for e-mail. Now you can read all their e-mail at your leisure from your secure web account.
  • View their habits
    We have the features you need to better understand your partners habits; call logs, call duration, device changes, SIM alert notifications. Everything you need to catch them cheating.
  • Read Instant Messages
    On certain cell phones, you will be able to read their instant messages. These include Whats App and Blackberry IM. Contact LIVE CHAT for specific details.

Aobo Mac OSX Keylogger Monitoring Software

The only Keylogger for Mac OS X that Records Passwords Aobo Mac OS XKeylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and sending the logs by email or FTP in a real time.

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger For Mac Key Features

  • Stealthy and undetectable Monitoring
  • Record all kinds of Passwords (Professional Edition only)
  • Record keystrokes typed on any applications
  • Record website visits from Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Track the location of your Mac laptop by IP address
  • Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval
  • Secretly send the logs to your email or FTP space
  • Password protected of the program
  • Doesn’t require admin password to install (Standard Edition only)
  • Support Mac OS X 10.4.x/10.5.x/10.6.x/10.7.x/10.8.x both Intel and PowerPC

Download Aobo Mac Keylogger


We give 5 star for Easy Spy Pro, You can record and listen calls, listen environment sounds, view sms, track gps locations, view photos and call logs. So if you want a cell phone tracker with call recording and call listenning features Easy Spy Pro is one best choice.

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Our easy-to-read Users Manual is packed with easy-to-follow video tutorials which show you how to install the software step-by-step. 

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You will get to see every text message that is sent and received from the target phone EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED!

Here's what you will see:

  • Date and Time of text messages sent or received.

  • Telephone number of sent or received text message.

  • The EXACT Text message that was sent or received.

  • All text messages are sent to your email account or online account (provided free of charge).


    Every call that is made to and from the target phone will be logged and sent to you complete with:
    • Date and time of call.
    • How long the call was.
    • The phone number dialed.
    • The phones number that called.

    All data can be saved in any format you like for safe keeping to be used or looked at anytime you want!


    From any cell phone, you can dial the target phone to activate the microphone effectively turning it into a "bugging" device.

    Hear everything that is being said in the room above a whisper! You will be able to listen to the conversation of all parties involved as is you were in the room yourself.


    With Easy Spy you can track the cell phone to within 50 FEET of its actual location. The position of the phone is displayed on a REALmap with street names, town names and every other feature you would find on a regular map!

    Movement of the phone is tracked in REAL-TIME which means that as the phone moves the pointer on the map will move as well. You will see the movement of the phone every step of the way. Lag time of actual movement displayed on the map is usually no more that 5 - 10 minutes.

    For anyone looking to track the REAL movement of ANY cell phone in REAL TIME this is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!

    Text messages and call recordings are recorded and sent to your email even if they are deleted from the target phone. You won’t miss a beat! 

    Easy Spy will work on hundreds of cell phones including; Android, Samsung, LG, HTC, Blackberry, iPhones and many more!

    Easy Spy works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS and many other service providers. 

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    Listen to the surroundings of the target phone as if you were in the room with them!*
    Track the phone to within 50 feet of its actual location in Real-Time. 
    See every call that is dialed and received from the target phone. 
    See all pictures and videos taken and recorded on the target phone. 

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