Tracking people is now as easy as tracking their iPhones, with iPhone Tracker it is as easy as checking your email. Knowing the location of a particular person at all times is a function that can have many uses, parents need to know their children’s locations at all times. Spouses need this information about each other. Many companies have employees whose work takes them away from their desks many times a day. Keeping track of such employees is not only an issue of money and work output assurance, it is also a security measure that helps keep them safe. Now that the companies are taking advantage of smart phones like iphone 4G to help their employees perform better. It can have another boon of knowing their location at all times. This effective feature can be introduced into the phone by simply installing the iPhone 4G Tracking Software like highster mobile. The software is then connected to an online spy account, the account keeps updated logs of each phone’s location, the time and the exact place of the iphone 4G.
It connects to the GPS
The same global positioning system satellite that helps the ships, airplanes and cars navigate, is connected to the iphone 4G and provides the iPhone 4G Tracking Software with the phone’s exact location. This location is then fed to the online account by means of the nearest wifi. The interval between each log can be programmed. It can be adjusted up to every 8 minutes; and once the software is installed, it can accommodate as many iPhones as the user wants.  
No GPS…No worries
In certain conditions like storms, or heavy clouds the GPS doesn’t work, but this doesn’t affect the integrity of the iPhone 4G Tracking Software. It has alternate methods of knowing the phone’s location; it can latch on to the closest communication tower, and take its location and send it to the spy account. Any wifi connection that is present in the vicinity is used for that purpose.
Location on demand
If there is no wifi next to the target iphone 4G, then the user can use the software to send a secret SMS to the target phone. When the receiver opens the SMS, the location is sent by means of a reply sms to the spyware user. This anytime anywhere on demand function can be used anytime. It compromises discretion, but as a last resort it can be used in the absence of GPS and wifi.

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Phone Sheriff Cellphone Tracking And Parental Control Software
This powerful system gives you the ability to monitor and filter activities online in real time. Your logs are safely stored in your private and secure PhoneSheriff account. You access the control panel from any web browser using a username and password you create.

You can login anytime from anywhere to view results without needing access to the device. The various features are described below. All activities include a date/time stamp and are searchable by phone number. All logs captured are instantly uploaded! Below videos shows you how to install and configure Phone Sheriff on your cell phone and how to use Phone Sheriff online dashboard.


highster mobile spy

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No more any call recording and surround recording features on this software just basic functions left.
you do have no chance to change device and theactivation key is only for single use too.

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Cell Tracker Phone spyware Software - How does it work?
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