GPS Tracking

Monitor in REAL TIME and track to within 50 feet of their actual location
Location of the phone is displayed in REAL TIME on a REAL map as often as every 15 seconds allowing you to keep constant watch of the phone. 

Text Message Logs

Read every text message that is sent or received
View EVERY text message that is sent or received EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED from the target phone. Each text message is sent to you EXACTLY as it was sent or received by the target phone including the date and time it was sent or received.

Microphone Activation (Mic Bug)

Listen to everything that is being said
Mic Bug enables you to secretly activate the microphone of the target phone allowing you to listen to the phones surroundings and effectively turning the target phone into a room bugging device. 

Call Recording

Record every call that takes place
Listen to BOTH sides of the conversation. Automatically send the recordings to your email and play them on your computer. Recorded conversations are saved in popular formats for fast and easy playback.