Top 10 Reasons to Buy BlackBerry Spy

BlackBerry storm spy for different BlackBerry Storm versions is now available at mobile spy. This spyware works its best in advanced versions like BlackBerry Storm 2 9520, and etc.  Despite of super security in BlackBerry Storm 2 9520, it can’t stop BlackBerry  spy to perform its job.

Reasons to Buy 

Here are the following 10 reasons to buy
  1. You may have some problem with your partner and you get irritated with his/her strange behavior. By using this software you can get clues about what’s going on.
  2. It can give you complete accessibility to the Blackberry of your children. You can monitor your children all the time without physically staring at them.
  3. If you have your personal assistant or a large number of employees, you can check their activities during office hours.
  4. If you are worried about your expensive BlackBerry to be theft and you want complete safety of it, BlackBerry storm spy gives you foolproof security.
  5. If you hire any personal detective for tracking someone, it will be too much expensive. However, by downloading it once on the targeted phone, you do not need to hire any personal detective.
  6.  On the other hand, for getting clues from your personal detective, you have to tell him the purpose and your personal secrets that you keep only with you. By using this, you do not need to disclose your personal matters to anybody.
  7. You can spit out the black sheep of your business without inspecting other innocent employees. In other words, you do not need to have doubts on your loyal employees.
  8. BlackBerry storm spy stores in the phone memory, not in any removable memory; you can get data continuously. Even you can get SIM change notification if someone does so.  
  9. After paying once for it, you can also change your targeted phone.
  10. You can easily switch on and off the software and its functions.
Advanced Features:
Blackberry messenger chat logging, email logging, live listening to surrounding/ live calls, picture logging and recording of surroundings.
Standard Features:
Appointment/ Calendar logging, call history logging, contact details, SMS logging and Blackberry phone GPS tracking.