Gravity Mobile Spy

The Most Powerful and Easy To Use Cell Phone Tracking and Spy Software You Can Buy!

Text messages, call recordings, call logs…all sent from the target phone right to YOUR email or cell phone...INSTANTLY!

Easily installs in less than 2 minutes!

Does your partner:

  • Turn off their cell phone when in your presence?
  • Take their phone with them into the bathroom?
  • Sleep with their cell phone next to them?
  • Have their cell phone password protected?
  • Leave the room to take cell phone calls?
  • Become upset if you answer their cell phone?
  • Become defensive if you ask about the above behaviors?
The cell phone allows the cheater to keep in touch with the other man/other woman at virtually all times.They can text from just about anywhere and they can call whenever they have an opportunity.

"Thanks to the cell phone cheaters are now able to connect more deeply, more quickly."

Gravity Mobile Spy enables you to: Listen to actual calls, listen to the phones surroundings by secretly activating its microphone, read SMS (text messages), view call logs, view emails and get the exact location of the mobile phone no matter where it is!

How does it work?

Installation is fast and easy. The applications can be installed in the following ways:
  • OTA (over-the-air) links that you type directly into the phones web browser.
  • Scanning the QR Code of the application using the cell phones barcode scanner.
  • Transferring the files from your computer to the cell phone using a USB cable.
  • Bluetooth connection.
After the application is installed to the target phone (the phone you want to monitor) information is sent to either your email or cell phone or online web account (provided free of charge) which ever you entered during installation.
As the events occur on the target phone the information is uploaded to your email, cell phone or online web account (which ever you setup during installation) INSTANTLY! There is no waiting!
Text messages, call recordings, call logs and all other information is available immediately!

Record every phone call

Call recording allows you to record EVERY call that is dialed or received by the target phone. From the moment the conversation begins until the moment both parties hang-up every whisper of their conversation is recorded.
All conversations can be sent to an email address or online web account (provided free of charge) that you create during installation.
Conversations are recorded in popular formats that allow for fast and easy playback on any computer.


Recorder call messages include:
  • Date of recorded call.
  • Time call was recorded.
  • Downloadable audio file.
  • Size of audio file.
  • Date and time audio file sent.

Recorded conversations can be downloaded and saved to your computer for easy playback on your favorite media player anytime you want.*

Read every text message

The ability to read text messages that are sent and received is a very useful feature of the program.
Text messages that are sent or received by the target phone can either be sent to your cell phone, email address or online web account (provided free of charge) where they can be viewed immediately.
As text messages are sent or recieved from the target phone they are uploaded and transferred instantly. There is no waiting! All text messages are available for immediate viewing regardless if they have been deleted from the target phone.
You will be able to view the text messages EXACTLY as they were sent or received by the target phone.

Text message logs include:
  • Entire contents of message.
  • Sending telephone number.
  • Receiving telephone number.
  • Date message sent.
  • Time message sent.

Text message logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, DOC and many other formats for fast and easy storage.

Pictures and Videos

Get to see every picture and every video that is taken and recorded on the target phone.
As pictures and videos are taken on the target phone they are instantly sent to whichever e-mail address you designate during installation.
Clear, crisp photos and videos are viewable exactly as they are on the target phone when received in your e-mail. Simply click the link in the e-mail and view the pictures and videos in your favorite picture viewer or media player.
All pictures and videos can be saved to your computer, USB flash drive, DVD or whichever device is most convenient for you.*

Call Listening

The Call Listening feature will enable you to secretly listen to a conversation that is taking place on the target phone.
When either an incoming or outgoing call is intiated on the target phone you will be notified with a text message that an event has occured. The text message will contain the telephone number that is being either dialed or received by the target phone. At that point you can dial-in and listen to the conversation without being heard.
You will be able to hear both sides of the conversation as if you were on the phone yourself. The target phone will not ring, vibrate, or light up when you begin listening.
Your connection will continue until either you or the target phone hangs up.
Every conversation can be recorded and saved to your cell phone or email address for later playback on your favorite media player.*

Call log viewing

Call logs are also very valuable information when trying to find evidence of what you already suspect. All too often incoming and outgoing call logs are deleted from the phone immediately following the conversation.
The call log application will capture every incoming and outgoing call that occurs on the target phone. Call logs can be sent to your cell phone or email address for immediate viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call log information includes:
  • Time of call.
  • Date of call.
  • Duration of call.
  • Contact name (if any stored in phone).
  • Phone number dialed.
  • Phone number received.
Call logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, DOC and many other formats for fast and easy storage.
GPS Tracking

The GPS feature will track any phone that is GPS enabled. A real-time reporting system that updates the phones location as often as every 10 seconds, you can track the phone to within just a few feet of its exact location.
As the target phone moves you will be able to keep track of its location within 2 to 5 minutes of actual movement.

    Example: if the target phone departs from a location at 1:00pm you will see the movement of that target phone usually no later than 1:05pm depending on atmospheric conditions and terrain.
Upon installation you create an account on our server which will enable you to log on and view the location of the target phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All locations are displayed in real-time on a REAL map!

What is Microphone Activation?

Microphone activation is the ability to secretly turn on the cell phones microphone so you can listen to its surroundings. In effect you are turning the cell phone into a “room bugging device”.
Microphone activation is controlled by setting a “control number” within the application. Whenever the control number calls the target phone the microphone on the target phone is activated.
The owner of the target phone will have no idea that the microphone has been activated as the phone will not ring, vibrate or light up when the control phone calls.
You will be able to listen to everything that is going on around the target phone. You will hear who is talking, what they are saying and who they are saying it to!*

What phones are supported?

The software is extremely versatile and will work with any cell phone once configured correctly. Products are available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Java enabled phones. For a list of supported phones.

Gravity Mobile Spy Features:

  • Call Recording (Record all calls).
  • Listen in on LIVE calls totally undetected.
  • Mic Bug (Secretly activate phones microphone to listen to surroundings).
  • GPS Tracking (Track target phone in real-time on a real map).
  • SMS - Text Logging (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages).
  • View Pictures and Videos (See every picture and video taken and recorded on the target phone).
  • Call History (View their entire call history).
  • Email Logging (See complete emails sent from the target phone).
  • SIM Change Notification ( Receive SMS when SIM is changed).
  • All applications can install directly into the target phone using our OTA (over the air) links which are entered into the phones web browser. No cables are needed.
  • Other applications can be downloaded directly to the phone using QR Codes which are fast and easy.
  • Installation of applications takes only minutes to complete.
  • Live 24/7 Customer Support - 866-611-9506

All programs are simple and easy to install

Installation is simple and does not require any cables or computers. Within minutes you can install the program directly into your mobile phone. The installation process takes less than 2 minutes. You can start receiving your activity reports within seconds of installation.

All applications are easy to use

We have developed and chosen only the fastest and easiest applications to use in our program. Every application requires minimal user input during installation and no ongoing maintenance once installed onto the target phone.
When you no longer need the application it can be uninstalled with just a few clicks which takes only minutes to perform.

Monitor as many phones as you want for as long as you want

With Gravity Mobile Spy you can monitor as many phones as you want for as long as you want. There is no time limit or phone limit.
You can monitor all phones simultaneously or individually at no additional charge. Install and configure as many accounts as you need!

Total privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information with any outside parties. All information collected by our applications is kept private and secure.