Gravity Mobile Spy

The Most Powerful and Easy To Use Cell Phone Tracking and Spy Software You Can Buy!

Text messages, call recordings, call logs…all sent from the target phone right to YOUR email or cell phone...INSTANTLY!

Easily installs in less than 2 minutes!

Does your partner:

  • Turn off their cell phone when in your presence?
  • Take their phone with them into the bathroom?
  • Sleep with their cell phone next to them?
  • Have their cell phone password protected?
  • Leave the room to take cell phone calls?
  • Become upset if you answer their cell phone?
  • Become defensive if you ask about the above behaviors?
The cell phone allows the cheater to keep in touch with the other man/other woman at virtually all times.They can text from just about anywhere and they can call whenever they have an opportunity.

"Thanks to the cell phone cheaters are now able to connect more deeply, more quickly."

Gravity Mobile Spy enables you to: Listen to actual calls, listen to the phones surroundings by secretly activating its microphone, read SMS (text messages), view call logs, view emails and get the exact location of the mobile phone no matter where it is!

How does it work?

Installation is fast and easy. The applications can be installed in the following ways:
  • OTA (over-the-air) links that you type directly into the phones web browser.
  • Scanning the QR Code of the application using the cell phones barcode scanner.
  • Transferring the files from your computer to the cell phone using a USB cable.
  • Bluetooth connection.
After the application is installed to the target phone (the phone you want to monitor) information is sent to either your email or cell phone or online web account (provided free of charge) which ever you entered during installation.
As the events occur on the target phone the information is uploaded to your email, cell phone or online web account (which ever you setup during installation) INSTANTLY! There is no waiting!
Text messages, call recordings, call logs and all other information is available immediately!

Record every phone call

Call recording allows you to record EVERY call that is dialed or received by the target phone. From the moment the conversation begins until the moment both parties hang-up every whisper of their conversation is recorded.
All conversations can be sent to an email address or online web account (provided free of charge) that you create during installation.
Conversations are recorded in popular formats that allow for fast and easy playback on any computer.


Recorder call messages include:
  • Date of recorded call.
  • Time call was recorded.
  • Downloadable audio file.
  • Size of audio file.
  • Date and time audio file sent.

Recorded conversations can be downloaded and saved to your computer for easy playback on your favorite media player anytime you want.*

Read every text message

The ability to read text messages that are sent and received is a very useful feature of the program.
Text messages that are sent or received by the target phone can either be sent to your cell phone, email address or online web account (provided free of charge) where they can be viewed immediately.
As text messages are sent or recieved from the target phone they are uploaded and transferred instantly. There is no waiting! All text messages are available for immediate viewing regardless if they have been deleted from the target phone.
You will be able to view the text messages EXACTLY as they were sent or received by the target phone.

Text message logs include:
  • Entire contents of message.
  • Sending telephone number.
  • Receiving telephone number.
  • Date message sent.
  • Time message sent.

Text message logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, DOC and many other formats for fast and easy storage.

Pictures and Videos

Get to see every picture and every video that is taken and recorded on the target phone.
As pictures and videos are taken on the target phone they are instantly sent to whichever e-mail address you designate during installation.
Clear, crisp photos and videos are viewable exactly as they are on the target phone when received in your e-mail. Simply click the link in the e-mail and view the pictures and videos in your favorite picture viewer or media player.
All pictures and videos can be saved to your computer, USB flash drive, DVD or whichever device is most convenient for you.*

Call Listening

The Call Listening feature will enable you to secretly listen to a conversation that is taking place on the target phone.
When either an incoming or outgoing call is intiated on the target phone you will be notified with a text message that an event has occured. The text message will contain the telephone number that is being either dialed or received by the target phone. At that point you can dial-in and listen to the conversation without being heard.
You will be able to hear both sides of the conversation as if you were on the phone yourself. The target phone will not ring, vibrate, or light up when you begin listening.
Your connection will continue until either you or the target phone hangs up.
Every conversation can be recorded and saved to your cell phone or email address for later playback on your favorite media player.*

Call log viewing

Call logs are also very valuable information when trying to find evidence of what you already suspect. All too often incoming and outgoing call logs are deleted from the phone immediately following the conversation.
The call log application will capture every incoming and outgoing call that occurs on the target phone. Call logs can be sent to your cell phone or email address for immediate viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call log information includes:
  • Time of call.
  • Date of call.
  • Duration of call.
  • Contact name (if any stored in phone).
  • Phone number dialed.
  • Phone number received.
Call logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, DOC and many other formats for fast and easy storage.
GPS Tracking

The GPS feature will track any phone that is GPS enabled. A real-time reporting system that updates the phones location as often as every 10 seconds, you can track the phone to within just a few feet of its exact location.
As the target phone moves you will be able to keep track of its location within 2 to 5 minutes of actual movement.

    Example: if the target phone departs from a location at 1:00pm you will see the movement of that target phone usually no later than 1:05pm depending on atmospheric conditions and terrain.
Upon installation you create an account on our server which will enable you to log on and view the location of the target phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All locations are displayed in real-time on a REAL map!

What is Microphone Activation?

Microphone activation is the ability to secretly turn on the cell phones microphone so you can listen to its surroundings. In effect you are turning the cell phone into a “room bugging device”.
Microphone activation is controlled by setting a “control number” within the application. Whenever the control number calls the target phone the microphone on the target phone is activated.
The owner of the target phone will have no idea that the microphone has been activated as the phone will not ring, vibrate or light up when the control phone calls.
You will be able to listen to everything that is going on around the target phone. You will hear who is talking, what they are saying and who they are saying it to!*

What phones are supported?

The software is extremely versatile and will work with any cell phone once configured correctly. Products are available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Java enabled phones. For a list of supported phones.

Gravity Mobile Spy Features:

  • Call Recording (Record all calls).
  • Listen in on LIVE calls totally undetected.
  • Mic Bug (Secretly activate phones microphone to listen to surroundings).
  • GPS Tracking (Track target phone in real-time on a real map).
  • SMS - Text Logging (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages).
  • View Pictures and Videos (See every picture and video taken and recorded on the target phone).
  • Call History (View their entire call history).
  • Email Logging (See complete emails sent from the target phone).
  • SIM Change Notification ( Receive SMS when SIM is changed).
  • All applications can install directly into the target phone using our OTA (over the air) links which are entered into the phones web browser. No cables are needed.
  • Other applications can be downloaded directly to the phone using QR Codes which are fast and easy.
  • Installation of applications takes only minutes to complete.
  • Live 24/7 Customer Support - 866-611-9506

All programs are simple and easy to install

Installation is simple and does not require any cables or computers. Within minutes you can install the program directly into your mobile phone. The installation process takes less than 2 minutes. You can start receiving your activity reports within seconds of installation.

All applications are easy to use

We have developed and chosen only the fastest and easiest applications to use in our program. Every application requires minimal user input during installation and no ongoing maintenance once installed onto the target phone.
When you no longer need the application it can be uninstalled with just a few clicks which takes only minutes to perform.

Monitor as many phones as you want for as long as you want

With Gravity Mobile Spy you can monitor as many phones as you want for as long as you want. There is no time limit or phone limit.
You can monitor all phones simultaneously or individually at no additional charge. Install and configure as many accounts as you need!

Total privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information with any outside parties. All information collected by our applications is kept private and secure.


Mobile Spy just released an iPhone spying app that enables you to perform LIVE tracking and surveillance on any iPhone that has Mobile Spy’s latest iPhone spying app installed. This new product (called Mobile Spy LIVE) is actually an add-on module to Mobile Spy’s exiting iPhone spy app, and therefore you get all the iPhone spying features that comes with Mobile Spy’s popular spy app, PLUS you get all the NEW features found in the new Mobile Spy LIVE add-on module.
Here is an overview of what Mobile Spy LIVE is, and what it can do.
MOBILE SPY LIVE — What Is It & What Does It Do?
Mobile Spy LIVE is an add-on module to Mobile Spy’s iPhone spying  app. With Mobile Spy LIVE, you’re able to perform LIVE tracking and surveillance on any iPhone that has Mobile Spy & the Mobile Spy LIVE add-on module installed. Here is an overview of the main features.
LIVE Tracking – Prior to Mobile Spy LIVE, GPS location data was recorded once every 30 minutes. However, with Mobile Spy LIVE, you now get immediate GPS location information, which means you’ll always know exactly where the iPhone user is.  No other iPhone spying app provides this type of real-time tracking information. Another cool thing about this feature is once the GPS logs are recorded as sent to your Mobile Spy account, you’ll be able to see the LIVE tracking information displayed on a map.

LIVE Surveillance – Ever wanted to see the actual screen of the iPhone to see what type of apps are being used? With this Mobile Spy LIVE feature you can.  Mobile Spy LIVE is the ONLY iPhone spying app that enables you to see the actual screen of the iPhone you are spying on. The way it works is you simply log into your online Mobile Spy LIVE control panel, and you’ll be able to see actual screen shots updated every 90 seconds. Once again, no other iPhone spying app offers this feature. Obviously, it would be nice to have updates sent to you every few seconds, but this would drain the battery in record time, so the guys over at Mobile Spy had to come up with a interval setting that enabled you to see the actual screen, while still preserving the battery.
SMS Commands – Using SMS commands, you are now able to perform a variety of commands that give you far more control of the iPhone you are monitoring. These commands enable you to do such things as get instant GPS location information, initiate a call or SMS, lock the device, get the latest SIM card information of the device in case the phone is lost or stolen, remotely wipe the phone, and more.
Email Delivery – Another great feature of the Mobile Spy LIVE iPhone spying app, is that it gives you an option to have everything recorded on the iPhone sent to you via email. This means you don’t have to log onto your online Mobile Spy account to see what was recorded by the iPhone spying software.  This feature makes spying on an iPhone much more convenient for anyone who doesn’t have regular access to an internet connected device.
In summary, the Mobile Spy LIVE add-on module has iPhone spying features that were previously not found anywhere else. These features include LIVE tracking & LIVE surveillance by viewing the iPhone’s screen.
To get your hands on the new Mobile Spy LIVE add-on module, you’ll need to purchase a copy of Mobile Spy, PLUS the Mobile Spy LIVE add-on module.
For those of you who are not familiar with Mobile Spy’s iPhone spying app, Mobile Spy has the following features:
  • Read Emails – This feature enables you to read all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Read Text Messages - This SMS interceptor feature will show you all incoming and outgoing text messages.
  • Stealth GPS Tracking – This iPhone tracker feature will report the iPhone’s location every 30 minutes.
  • View Photos – As soon as a photo is snapped on the iPhone, a copy will be sent to your online Mobile Spy account.
  • View Contacts - View contacts stored on the iPhone. New contacts are also recorded.
  • View Call History – See all calls made and received on the iPhone.
Keep in mind that if you get the combo pack, you’ll get all of the above iPhone spying features are “in addition” to what Mobile Spy LIVE offers — LIVE tracking & monitoring.
The cost for the Mobile Spy & Mobile Spy LIVE add-on combo pack is only $129.97 (1yr license).

Cell Control Mobile Spy

This spy software allows you to listen to live calls, monitor text messages, view call logs, see the location and much more...secretly!
Whether you distrust someone, feel cheated, are suspicious of someone's activities or would just like information that will help progress your career, you can now use your Cell phone with our Cell Tracker spy software to know the truth, and the person you are targeting will not suspect a thing. Guaranteed!

Cell Control is the perfect Cell Phone Spy Software to find out who your family members, friends, partners or employees are in touch with.
There is no trace or logging of your Mobile Phone's details on the target phone. That means your target will NEVER know!

This will be the most powerful tool you have ever used to uncover the hidden truth. It allows you to spy on any mobile phone and even know their location!
It can even be used as a bug, recording surrounding conversations even if the person is not on the phone. It's kind of having your own personal surveillance team!
The software can be set up to access anything and everything coming from the target phone.
No software is needed to load on the target phone. There's no need to alter or modify your handset. And it's completely hidden from the target phone user!
Take the power in your hands to get to the truth and uncover what is really going on without anyone knowing using this cell phone tracking software!

  • Listen to Live Calls
  • Read Text messages
  • SMS Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Call History (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Environment Listening ( Bugging Device)
  • Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms
  • SIM Change SMS Notification
  • Software Based Solution
  • Search and Download All Records
  • 100 % Undetectable
  • Remote Control
  • Instantly Download
  • Compatible with ALL Blackberrys, iPhones (jailbroken) Androids (converted extension files), Palm OS, Symbian & Windows Mobile.

This Product 
No More On Sale


Reveal the Truth in Real Time! 

Are your children or employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling? Are
you worried they are using the phone for unallowed or inappropriate activities?

Mobile Spy will reveal the truth for any company or family. You will finally learn
the truth about their call, mobile web, text message activities, photo, videos and
GPS locations by logging into your Mobile Spy account from any web browser.

With the optional LIVE Control Panel, you can view the phone's screen and location LIVE, as well as remotely control the phone and retrieve up-to-the-minute information about the phone! This option also gives you the ability to have your logs delivered to your email address automatically.

Mobile Spy Description
Mobile Spy is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your smartphone in real time. This unique system records the activities of anyone who uses your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile orSymbian OS smartphone.

You install a small application directly onto the phone you own and want to monitor. It starts at every boot of the phone, remains stealth and does not show up in the running process list.
After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will record an array of phone activities and then silently upload the data to your private Mobile Spy account using the Internet. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

This high-tech spy software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are your kids texting while driving or using the phone in all hours of the night? Are your employees sending company secrets? Do they erase their phone logs? That won't matter because the software does not rely on the phone's internal logging system. 

How it Works
This new technology might sound complicated but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how the entire procesor.connected PC. Here t
Our software is not for use on a phone you do not own or have proper permission to monitor from the user or owner.
You must always follow all applicable laws and regulations in your region.

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Spy Bubble Mobile Spy Software

spybubble cell phone tracker

So for anyone who’s concerned about the safety of their children or the behavior of their employees or people they’re in relationships with then we’ve found a neat solution for you. This product is called Spybubbleand makes monitoring and supervising mobile phone usage a snap – no matter where you are in the world.
This clever little phone spy app lets you monitor literally everything that somebody does with a phone. It was developed to take the headaches out of trying to supervise the use of smartphones and Blackberrys by both your children and employees and/or your employees who act like children.
Plus if you suspect that your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, being dishonest or actually stealing from you then Spybubble can help you solve these types of problems before they cause you permanent hurt or financial loss. And the best part is that Spybubble is totally undetectable – the person using the phone won’t know it’s running in the background.
Here’s a quick list of the features of Spybubble:
Call Tracking
You can see the numbers that children or employees have called and what numbers have called them including the date, time and duration of the call. Every detail is visible to you.

SMS/Text Message Tracking
You can read any message that was sent or received from the phone. These messages are logged by Spybubble so even if the person using the phone deletes them you’ll still have access. Neat eh?

E-mail Tracking
You can read any e-mails that have been sent and received on the phone.

GPS tracking
With Spybubble ands Google maps you’ll be able to find out exactly where the phone user is – this is incredibly useful for both parents and employers.

Phone Book Supervision
Spybubble lets you see every single number in the phonebook of the cellphone itself.

Remove Call Monitoring

You can listen in to phone calls on the mobile phone from a remote location. This is James Bond type technology. The cellphones microphone can even be used as a recording device if you have reason to record remote conversations.

Monitor From Anywhere
You can login to Spybubble from any computer and monitor the use of any Smnartphone or blackberry based on Android or the Symbian OS. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Spybubble also has a very easy-to-use interface that anyone can use – you can even filter what information you want to check up to speed things up for you.
Employee Theft Statistics
About 75% of staff steal from employers at some stage during their career and of that 75% more than half of them steal multiple times from their employers. How much does this cost industry every year? You’re looking at a shocking $50 billion ($50,000,000,000). How serious can employee theft be? Look at what happened to Nick Leeson and Barings bank….a total loss of $1.4 billion dollars all from the actions of one man.
Cell Phone Bullying Statistics
before mobile phones bullying was a problem but it was one you could leave behind in school or college when you got home. But now with cell phones the bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even more worrying is that 1-in-5 kids will be the victim of cell phone bullying and because it’s happening through a phone it can see faceless and to the bullies it can be seen as harmless.
So how well does this mobile phone spy application work? The team behind Spybubble are so certain that this application will be EXACTLY what you’re looking for in terms of cell phone supervision software they offer a 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.
So why not put your mind at ease today? This low-cost software provides the types of features you don’t normally see outside a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie. It’s the best investment you can make in your business, your life and your children.
Supported Phones
The vast, vast, vast majority of Smartphones and Blackberrys and iPhones are supported but if oyu want a little more technical detail here you go 

Be sure to check out Spybubble – it’s the perfect solution for mobile phone monitoring and supervision.